Isabelle Baille, An expert in Human Resources since 1987. She worked for an american company and held many positions in Human Resources. Her passion for human behavior started as a young adult.
Her experiences in life brought her to question the meaning of life and more so the meaning of her life as well as developing individually.

Isabelle Baille has been a Professional Trainer since 1997. Her training covers two major fields : 1 Management and professional efficiency 2 Human Resources and Training. Her training focuses on developing employee’s skills to create a natural and positive work environment in the company.
In situations where change management can be rather complex, Isabelle Baille offers individual coaching to adapt to a new working environment and maximizing performance at work.

Isabelle Baille is in the process of completing an advance coaching certification. As a coach since 2009 her strength lies in her humanist approach and her willingness to connect with others as well as her organizational and emotional intelligence.

Master degree in Human Resources and Training and a specialized master degree in Change Management at Aix-Marseille University. Certified MBTI trainer, levels 1,2 and ENSIZE. Also trained in NLP, TA,SA and NVC.

Isabelle Baille is a a member of ICF Provence since 2015. She is referral Coach for certification in the South of France with Marie Laurence Hiller who is the administrator for ICF Provence. I participate in monthly group sessions in english to develop my core coaching skills with Marie Laurence Hiller and Maryna Blankestein.


Isabelle Baille worked in human resources from 1987 – 1997 with ES2 and ATMEL. She took on the following responsibilities :

  • Personnel administrator and working with the worker representatives.
  • Managing the payroll in France and supervising the payroll for Italy, Germany,England and United States
  • Managing the recruitment of employees and interns
  • Managing internal communication

Took on many other missions relating to Human Resources such as management tools for the improvement of Human Resources, housing project schemes and implementing the 35 hours law…


From 1997 to 2011 Isabelle Baille put in place a complete training department and a company strategy to develop the functioning of the company. She put together a team of trainers including language training in english and french. She developed a training program as well as the pedagogical approach within the company. She also worked with other organisations such as unemployment agencies like ANPE, Gretta and DIRRECTE for the recruitment of non professional employees. To promote the recruitment process she also developed within the company the validation of professional experiences. Employees therefore were able to obtain a degree based on the level of working experience in the company. Isabelle Baille is responsible for the career advancement of employees based on the law of 5/3/2014.


After becoming a certified coach in 2009 Isabelle Baille has been working as a personal and executive coach for both group and individual who seek to move forward with their goals.

Working as a coach requires professional experience as well as working with a mentor coach who supports coaches in developing core coaching skills. Mentor coaching is an important aspect of the learning process as a coach and to put into practice what has been learnt within the coaching field. This is highly recommended for the advancement of a coaching career.

Isabelle is a certified ICF coach (PPC).

As a personal and executive coach she supports others in reaching their professional and personal goals. She is specialized in team managerial coaching.

Isabelle Baille participates in many ICF activities in Provence such as preparing for ICF certification, once a month welcome event for new coaches, participates in monthly group sessions in english to develop core coaching skills and participates in conferences organized by ICF (for example 20th ICF anniversary)

She is also active with the French Coaching Federation (SFC) and the European mentor and coaching council. All of these institutions promote collective intelligence and professional coaching for the advancement of employees.


Isabelle Baille was born in Aix-en-Provence on December 24th and grew up in a family of 4. She is passionate about mountain sports and winter sports which she shares with her two sons. In spite of having faced certain challenges she enjoys a beautiful life and is a happy, sensitive woman and a good listener.

In her 40s she found her life purpose in supporting others to reach their goals and became a professional coach.

Always carrying a bag pack she replaces her sports bag pack with a smaller bag with the essential to be fulfilled. Her body, mind and spirit are in harmony with who she is.

Her logo represents the theme of water : a colorful drop full of energy and which moves freely,evolves and transforms like human celles and individuals do.

Hot, cold, solid, liquid or gas : the transformation of water never stops. Our body in fact is made up of 65% of water so how could we not change ?

Her dynamism and open attitude brings a new horizon to all those she’s encountered.

Her joy for living, to learn, to evolve and to share with others and to pass on to others whole heartedly is her moto in life.



  • Payrolls
  • Employee claims
  • Redundancy program


  • Emplyee evaluations
  • CPF training / individual CPF training