What is delegate role playing ?

This model was developed by Alain Cardon in his book “ Team Coaching and published in 2003 by Eyrolles Edition d’organisation.

This delegating process technique consist of practical conceptual tools for organizational and group coaching.

Each participant in the meeting is assigned a role which rotates over a period of several months so that participants can fully experience each role.

The return on investment :

  • Collective decision making,
  • Developing responsibility that goes beyond managing.

The experience of role playing over several months enhances the learning process.
The team develops responsibility, working in collaboration and increasing performance.

This method develops the efficiency at running meetings but also brings about effective change management within the company culture. This approach develops both individual and team responsibilities in working together,delegating, building autonomy in working on team projects.

How does it work ?

Delegating roles for a “Simulation role playing meeting”

Six Roles :

The facilitator
This role is to facilitate. Not being the leader but to ensure that things run smoothly in the team and making sure that the procedures are respected.

The host
The facilitator delegates the host who is responsible for the logistics of the meeting such as the invitations, agenda, setting up the room, drinks etc

The Timer
The facilitator delegates the timer who is responsible for keeping tract of the time and to ensure that the team moves forward.

Decider / Secretary
The facilitator delegates the secretary who is responsible for the minutes of the meeting and ensures that decisions are taken smoothly.
For example : It’s time to move on so let’s take a final decision. Can we make a motion ?

The Coach
The coach is responsible for giving constructive feedback to all participants at the end of the meeting and suggestions on how to improve future meeting.

For example : Was the meeting effective ? The attitude of participants, Did all participants have the floor ? Keeping to the agenda etc.

The observer
This role is given to an outsider such as a professional coach who is responsible bringing a new vision and how each participant can improve their role.

ICF – International Coach Federation is a professional organisation that represents personal and business coaches

Why am I a member of ICF ?

  • The ICF accreditation guarantees professional coaching,
  • Developing coaching core competencies,
  • Establishing a professional code of ethics and standards which I apply as a coach,
  • Creating an internationally recognized credentialing program,
  • Setting guideline through accreditation for coach specific training programs,
  • Providing focused discussion through Communities of Practice.

I am a member of ICF Provence Staff and a referral Coach for certification in the South of France. I organize and participate in monthly group sessions in english to develop my core coaching skills.