2 Coaching areas :

  • Management and Professional Efficiency
  • Human Resources and Professional Training

« Tell me and I forget, teach me and
I may remember, involve me and I
learn. »
Benjamin Franklin



Managing is not natural but managerial skills can be developed.

A manager must be competent in every aspect of his profession : Technical skills, communication skills, organizational skills and team building skills could be developed…
Today working demands are higher and higher and professional efficiency is a number one priority. All companies are concerned, both big and small companies. A high quality of efficiency must be found at all level of the company including the management. Today both hard and soft skills are required in other to fully manage efficiently. Knowledge of management as well as the capacity to manage is essential. Listening, finding a consensus, holding effective meetings; capacity to evaluate… are some of the basic skills required for every manager.

Managers lack :

  • Leadership skills
  • Collaborative skills
  • Enforcement of company policy
  • Professional training or not up to date

Quick and efficient is the tendency today. Sometimes managers are limited because they lack the necessary tools to take action : difficulty to communicate, wrong interpretation. Difficulty to manage unusual situations.( Stress du to pressure at work, decrease in turnover due to burn outs)

Your employees have experience but are lacking the soft skills : the experience of being. Having the knowledge and skills which have been acquired through training is essential for the job but that acquired through life experience is fundamental in succeeding : The soft skill which determines who you are. These training will help you discover and explore the soft skills for increasing performance and satisfaction at work.


I offer specific training according to the skill needed.

Here are some examples :

  • Human Resources Management : Time sheets, Schedule and planning, sick leave, overtime hours, bonuses. Work legislations regarding probation period, termination of a contract, employee rights, rights of disable employees, gender equality in the workplace,
  • Management development for both managerial and non managerial workers; Building on your strengths to develop leadership and efficiency,
  • Team recruitment and management : identifying the needs of the company, defining the job profile as well as the technical and emotional skills required to be part of a team,
  • Employee appraisal, how to evaluate employees without judgement and avoiding sanctions, being able to set and to reach objectives,
  • How to promote employee according to their capacity on the job. Knowing how to delegate effectively,
  • How to give positive feedback to employees so they feel valued and acknowledged for their work and increasing employee satisfaction,
  • Discovering and developing strengths using MBTI and ENSIZE test,
  • How to get the team to follow and to take action,
  • Conflict management,
  • Dynamic and effective meetings using role play simulation models,
  • Time management,
  • Developing emotional intelligence,
  • Effective change management.

Other Training programs are available according to the needs.

Communication Skills

  • Work life balance,
  • Personal time management,
  • Public speaking and presentation skills,
  • Personality type test (MBTI),
  • Negotiation skills,
  • Developing self estime and confidence at work,
  • Communication tools such as NLP,TA and SA,
  • Developing your strengths using MBTI,
  • Developing a positive mindset,
  • Affirmative skills.

And many others trainings according to your specific needs


Half-day or full-day workshops

  • Affirmative workshop (Learning to say no and respecting others),
  • Personality Type workshop (MBTI),
  • Job appraisal workshop,
  • Communication skills workshop,
  • Effective meetings workshop,
  • Learning how to delegate workshop,
  • Job interview skills workshop,
  • Conflict management workshop,
  • Stress management workshop.

Other workshops are available according to your specific needs.



Facing new challenges, developing the skills of employees, implementing new laws, adapting to change, organizational, environmental, departmental…


I offer specific training according to the skill needed.

Here are some examples :

  • Analyzing the need for training and setting up a training program, setting objectives to be reached and the necessary tools needed,
  • Develop internal communication according to the Law passed on 5/3/2014,
  • Setting up the annual appraisal for employees, 2 and 6 year performance appraisal,
  • Setting up job offers,
  • Managing interns and creating cohesion among team members,
  • Salary scale based on merit (comparative approach with France, Europe and United States).

Other Training programs are available according to the needs.


Her training is efficient because she brings a new source of inspiration to the team as well as developing the skills of the team. As a coach she is able to support each participant in taking responsibility and moving forward.

How do we teach adults who are not seeking an academic approach. Theory is not the answer, there surely is another way.

How does Isabelle Baille use her capacity to adapt in transforming theory into practice within the context of the company.

Training Method

Isabelle BAILLE uses active learning skills whereby all participants are fully engaged in the learning process.

At the beginning of the training Isabelle Baille sets up a working environment according to the context and in agreement with the participants. This is very important for the success of the training. Using the role play model she appoints 2 facilitators in the group to assist her. These 2 persons are responsible for managing the time and the advancement of the group. These 2 facilitators make it easier for the trainer to give her full attention to the group. This is the first step to a collaborative style of management. This model of management is very important for the success of the team.

Isabelle Baille creates an environment in which each participant is aware of benefits of the training.

This is done by :

  • Clearly stating the objectives set by the company to each participant,
  • She listens to each participant value judgement on how well the objective could be reached,
  • She addresses whatever issues are brought up together.

Therefore the trainer Isabelle Baille and the team are all one : From me to we.

To reassure participant of their potential Isabelle Baille uses examples of existing models to find solutions. Therefore the participants are able to come up with their own solutions immediately. The smile on the face of the participants is an indicator : Isabelle Baille’s objective was fulfilled. This pleasant feeling creates an environment of trust between the participants and the trainer which enhances listening and involvement. Both of these are useful for the learning process.

All of the tools used during the training are immediately applicable. After much effort and concentration role playing is a good method to stimulate learning and to put into practice what was learnt. These tools can be used daily.

For example : The deming wheel or PDCA method : this evaluation tool is useful to measure progress in 4 stages and to know what tasks could be applied.

Practice is all part of this training.

After the training

Optional :

Fellow up coaching (1-3 sessions) by telephone or Skype to answer to any difficulties in applying the method
Personal Coaching concerning more specific issues (See Company Coaching)

For more information :

Please contact me.

My company registration number is 93131416013 through DIRECCTE. Payment can be made by OPCA or other affiliated organisations. I offer a wide range of trainings both on site and off site according to your needs and the available means.